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re: Trini Tumblr Meet Up


On Saturday August 2nd, I will be in the Botanical Gardens in Port-of-Spain (probably in the afternoon; don’t worry splitsun, we will work out someting).

if you’re following me feel free to pass through with food and/or libations.

definitely reblog this and tell your friends.
i want to meet you guys and see your beautiful faces.

if possible, bring flower crowns.

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last day in Trinidad & Tobago !

Jay-Z and his personal barber Johnny Cake on the set of Big Pimpin’ in Trinidad in 2000. Since Dame Dash set the two up in 1997 no one else has cut Hov’s hair. Photograph taken by Calvin ”Klein" Bacote, one of Hov’s closest business associates from his drug dealing days.
Sidenote: Can y’all spot what Hov is holding in his hand…?

Daaliya By: Langston Hues
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago