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Treasury Building, Port of Spain

The Y Art Gallery, Trinidad presents an exhibition by Trinidadian artist, writer and cultural activist Christopher Cozier. Cozier shares work from four of his projects spanning 2010-2013: all that’s left/now showing/inDevelopment/the arrest. The exhibition opens Monday February 10, 2014 at 7:00 p.m, and continues until Monday February 24.Read more about this upcoming exhibition and its inspiration on ARC here -
» Balonius presents (Volume Two) Trinidad: The Wining Must Never Stop


They say that if a Jamaican, a Bajan and a Trinidadian all had massive heart attacks, the Jamaican and the Bajan would drop dead on the ground, but the Trinidadian would wine her way down.

I recently returned from Carnival in Trinidad, where the ubiquitous, loud and relentlessly uptempo pulse of the Soca beat was utterly unavoidable and, fortunately, quite embraceable. My connoisseurship of tropical rhythms extends mainly to Jamaica, Cuba and Brazil and my previous knowledge of Soca was limited mainly to the usual “Feeling hot! hot! hot!” jams, so I did some poking around the annals of Calypso and Soca and this podcast is the result. There is no shortage of “mindless” exhortations to party and dance, but there are some nice bits of social and political commentary to be found here, too.

OK, so maybe you’re not at a non-stop party in a tropical climate but, at the very least, this podcast might make your housecleaning chores more endurable than you’d ever dreamed possible

Sandra and Friends in Trinidad
UWI St. Augustine: View of JFK Cafeteria and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Building (undated)